Whether you want several papers every day, or just the week end editions of your favourite publication, Priocus Logistics can meet all of your requirements As well as supplying the popular national newspapers we can also deliver local papers and some of the more obscure and hard-to-find newspapers.
Our newspaper delivery services are as follows:

  • We have a team of more than 50members putting papers together in the morning
  • We deliver before 8:00am.
  • As we begin our deliveries as early as 1:00am most of our customers receive their papers before other news agents have started selling out.
  • We plastic wrap all papers at no extra costs, thus reducing the risk of theft and ensuring the papers are dry during rainy seasons.
  • We have a team of office staff to deal with any queries or feedback from customers
  • We deliver right to your door or building around Johannesburg East and CBD.
  • Our deliveries are done 7days a week
  • We service both large and small companies as well as individuals
  • We do promotions to government buildings
  • We also do door to door deliveries as part of promotion to our customers
  • Our non-press deliveries are done locally and nationwide.
  • We use affordable means of transport, ranging from bicycle, motor-bikes, small vehicles, bakkies up to 4tone trucks.

We offer the best service to the biggest companies such as Avusa Media(now called Times Media), The Star, Media Support and many others, delivering all the South African publications such as Sun Times, Sun World, The Star, Sowetan, Daily Sun and some other local and international publications.