About us

Priocus Logistics is a company that was formed to provide the highest standards in Logistics and transport services. Our vast experience in this field enables us to offer you a personalized transport services be it for private or corporate.

Because of our flexibility and adaptability we are able to offer our customers just the right services for their needs. Customer care and satisfaction is our primary goal. It is our main priority to deliver an efficient, worry free at a very affordable price. Each move is planned and co-ordinated according to each individuals' needs.

Our company was established on the 5th of December 2010, with the head office located at 206 Highland Rd,Kensington, East of Johannesburg .We are a rapidly expanding enterprise, currently providing a dedicated service to over 13000 customers.

The heart of the operation is our distribution of newspapers and magazines in the eastern and central parts of Johannesburg. At the outset , we would also like to emphasize that we are not news agents and do not operate from a shop, instead , we are delivery specialists. We also like to make it clear that as the company is rapidly growing we have also laid a focus on some other deliveries, other than newspapers and magazines. These are the transportation of non-heavy goods such as household property and office equipment as well as sports betting books to all the Tabs in Gauteng. We are well tried and tested, we should very much like now, to undertake this service for you.


Main Focus

We use modern ,regular serviced fleet of vehicles all fitted with tracking devices for our deliveries and we have various sized vehicles including trucks that are the correct size and tonnage to be allowed in 95% of residential complexes and business corporate places .These range from bicycles, motorbikes, bakkies, and trucks. Our deliveries are now based in more than just newspapers and magazines. We have laid a more focus on logistics as a whole than media only. We currently have deliveries that we do all around Gauteng, daily , weekly and monthly.

  • 1.We like to get it done
  • 2.We will adopt change and strive for continuous improvement
  • 3.We will develop our greatest asset, namely our people
  • 4.We will achieve our goals through hard work and teamwork
  • 5.We will strive to have fun and celebrate our success



To offer innovative, efficient , highly professional and competitive service through:
1.Ensuring that clients’ needs are a priority to us
2.Strict compliance with professional standards
3.Achieving Service Excellence


To become the preferred service provider to our core customer base and through this process, create value for all stakeholders in South Africa.